Jewelry Digital Coupon

We transform traditional coupons, into digital “mobile friendly” coupons, that are instantaneously delivered digitally via email, or shared through the latest social media applications.

Digital coupons are far more effective than traditional paper coupons, eliminating costly printing and distribution costs. Consumers can instantly access digital coupons through mobile apps, websites, or email, eliminating the need to carry paper.

Jewelry Promotional Video

We create a professionally produced Promotional Video featuring your offer! Keep prospects engaged through the “Power of Video” The fact is, 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service and a video, featured on a landing page, can increase conversions up to 80% or more! A 60-second video becomes a powerful tool to promote your product or service!

Online Ad Promotion

Showcase your products and services to interested prospects in your local market with Facebook marketing.


Capture Email Addresses for Leads

Prospects visiting your web or blog sites are encouraged to download a free “E-book” (tailored to your industry) using a simple online signup form capturing email addresses around the clock.

A professionally designed E-book related to your industry attracts and engages new prospects

Email addresses are captured and maintained in a database to send promotional material.

Business Mobile App

Business Mobile App A Mobile App is great at retaining customers and increasing sales, it provides a connection to your customer 24/7 and promotes customer satisfaction, enabling communication, provides ideas, articles, coupons, and sales information. It provides a link to you, your business, social media sites and your corporate video, providing better service and accessibility for your customers.







Mobile Displays for your Business

Professionally designed displays make it easy for customers to download your new mobile app while visiting your business; they simply scan the QR code with their mobile device and it installs instantly.









Display Placement for your Office

When clients see custom branded mobile displays featured in your office, your company looks better than the competition and you’re going to get noticed!

Set a chromed finished stand-up display outside your office, they’re a great way to attract prospects passing by, providing them with the convenience of instantly downloading your new mobile app so they can learn more about you.

These stand-up displays are so effective in generating new clients through foot traffic that they practically pay for our program, browse our mobile display placement ideas for your industry.

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Mobile Website

A custom mobile website is designed to enable current customers and new prospects to easily download and install your new mobile app on their smart device! It features one touch links to all of today’s leading mobile platforms, providing instant access to the platform of their choice.

It also features your company logo, company video, and rotating screenshots of your app, giving prospects an opportunity to see everything they’ll be installing.


Our Professional Business Blog features everything you need to boost your company’s online presence

The blog features your company logo, a slide show of your company images, an article that is posted each month, a professional promotional video, links to social media sites and a powerful lead capture system that encourages prospects to download a free E-book.


Social Media Marketing

Monthly Email Promotional Campaign Monthly email campaigns are a great way to keep your company brand in front of your customers.










Monthly Email Promotional Campaign

Monthly email campaigns are a great way to keep your company brand in front of your customers.

Direct Mail Postcard Program

QR Code-tracked direct mail postcard service is available at volume discounted rates.

Google-Facebook Internet Advertising

We provide optional Internet Ads at discounted rates, they’re a great way to speed up recognition and sales in your area.


Boost your Facebook traffic with Facebook Sweepstakes

Monthly Facebook Sweepstakes can be seen by Facebook account holders (about 50% of computer owners) in the target market area of your choice.


Sweepstakes Promotional Ideas

Sweepstakes attract and maintain customer interest, driving cost-effective traffic to your business Facebook page.


The Digital Marketing System